Suganuma Morito Shihan

 Photo Collection


Throwing uchi deshi Hideki Takemura, annual spring Embukai in Fukuoka Japan.



After the scheduled class time has finished, 'ato geiko' or 'after class practice' is an important time for additional practice.



Suganuma sensei brushing a kyu certificate



A 200 student class in Fukuoka




While making his home in Fukuoka Japan, Suganuma sensei endeavors to follow Osensei's wish to spread Aikido throughout the world. Sensei has made many trips to Europe, the US, Australia, the Middle East and South East Asia.



Suganuma sensei



Suganuma sensei frequently takes time after class to offer some words of wisdom. Many times he selects and discusses a passage from a Zen text.



With Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba at the 25th Annual Spring Embukai



After class is also a time for ocha



"Osensei would say "Suganuma!" and I would come quickly and ask what he wanted. Scolding me, Osensei would say "you should realize what I want"... Through his teachings I began to understand that one must realize ones partner's feelings. In Aikido there is no competition. The goal is to bring your partner over to your side".



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